Surprise! It’s Publishing Day

What?!? That’s right, the book has been published!

Introducing, The Adona Cipher:

This amazing artwork was done for me by Maya Smith. I hope to be able to work with her again in the future, and hope you all like what she’s done!

The Adona Cipher is now available via Amazon:

“Garsek had quickly risen through the ranks of the Crown’s Guard until he attained the highest honor a guard can be given, to be appointed one of the Queen’s personal guards. All who watched his career wondered what heights he would rise to next. Then, disaster struck…

The next four years, Gar spent eking out a living as a Private Detective, his confidence and reputation shattered. All that is about to change as he’s hired to investigate the death of an old farmer’s only son.

What should have been a simple investigation in the Queen’s capital of Antolly soon turns sideways, leading Garsek on a hunt through the highs and lows of society. Before long, Gar finds himself falling into a dangerous conspiracy that may have repercussions for the whole world.”

No Fantasy novel would be complete without a map:

This fantastic piece of art was done for me by my good friend Jonathan Hall. I’ve had him do some artwork for me before, and he never fails to amaze me.

Well, I think that’s all I have to say on the subject today. The Kindle version is currently $3.99, with the print version coming in at $10.99. Once the book has been out a little while, I’ll be able to do a promotional discount on the e-book, so if that’s your thing, keep your eyes on the blog here!

Lastly, I do encourage everyone who reads the book to give me an honest review on Goodreads. That’s the best way to show me you like it.

Thanks all and, keep reading,


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