First Feedback

Hello all, and Happy Early New Year!

I wanted to kick off the year with an update on where things are, so far as the editing process of the book is concerned. The first of my Beta Readers has finished reading the book, and I’ve taken in the feedback. Much to my surprise, they only commented on a few places in the book that I hadn’t thought as trouble spots. In reading over those passages with fresh eyes, I tended to agree.

Even more to my surprise, they liked it! I’m pretty sure this was the first time someone had read one of my completed books (the third of a book I wrote last year certainly doesn’t count). The first thing they told me was that they were already looking forward to book two, so I guess I’d better start plotting it out!

So, I’ve already made the corrections, and wait with baited breath for my other readers to finish up. However, now that I know the book isn’t a complete disaster, I feel confident enough to begin my own self editing process. As I believe I’ve said before, I intend to record myself reading the book, chapter by chapter. This will allow me to feel the flow of the book, and to more easily spot any awkward phrases, or anything else that might be missed with a normal editing pass.

There’s a slim chance I might eventually publish an audiobook version down the road, so this will also serve as a chance for me to test those waters, as I would want to record that version of the book myself. At the very least, I’ve been thinking about creating a pronunciation guide for the book, it is fantasy after all.

I have held off on contacting various artists for help with the cover art, and probably will continue to do so until at least one more of my Beta Readers has a chance to get back to me. I’ve found a few portfolios that fit the style I think I want, but there’s a chance that someone will have a better idea for me, which is an exciting notion.

I hope to have another post in January as more feedback comes in, but at the very least, expect another update in early February at the latest!

Keep reading!

~ Stephen

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