Friday Update #1

Happy Friday everyone! This week has definitely been an interesting one. I started the week strong with my writing, with more than 14,500 words in those first three days (Sunday-Tuesday). Then Wednesday hit, and my focus shifted to watching the results of the U.S. 2020 election roll in. It’s hard to focus when the future’s on the line. I did still manage to hit the standard 1667 daily word goal both days, but I made little progress, and I feel the words I wrote declined in quality.

The other thing I’ve discovered through the course of my writing thus far is that my outline is short. I estimate that, by the time I finish the main important chapters of the book, I may be around 10,000 words short of the 50,000 word goal. In reality, that’s not too much of an issue, I’ve already found a few places where I can insert additional material that will enhance the scenery of the story nicely. Still, it’s something I hadn’t expected.

I have yet to write my words for the day, and I anticipate hitting the same lower word count today as the the last couple. Even though the election results are starting to look a little more certain, it’s been a tense week, and I need a break. I intend to write a little every day this weekend, even if I don’t hit my word goal, and will try to see where I can add more to the story.

In the meantime thanks to everyone who voted, and keep reading! I’ll see you all next Friday.


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Physicist by trade, writer by passion.

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