Guard Commander Brannigan

Crown’s Guard Commander Brannigan is an old friend of Garsek. The two of them rose through the ranks of the Crown’s Guard together, and were partnered for their rotations. The trust they shared was put to the test when an opening arose in the ranks of the Queen’s Guard, the personal guard of the Queen and her entourage in the palace. Both Garsek and Brannigan vied for the position. While their competition was respectful, both harbored some ill feelings towards the other.

It was their great fortune, then, that a second position opened in the Queen’s Guard shortly after the first. It was as such that the two rose to one of the highest non-military positions in all of Thirama. Then, disaster struck. Garsek blamed himself for the results of the incident (you’ll have to read my book to find out what happened, no spoilers here), and quit the Queen’s Guard.

Eventually Brannigan too retired from the Queen’s Guard, but only as the offer of Crown’s Guard Commander for the capital came available. He and Garsek don’t talk much anymore, but Brannigan is always there for him when he needs a little help or guidance.

In a little over two weeks, I start writing! That’s an exciting thought. All these ideas and plot points and little pieces of dialogue that have been swimming around in my head since August will start to take shape. I know there are still some things I haven’t figured out, but that’s half the fun of the writing process; seeing how something like an outline can evolve and grow into a story is what I like best.

I’ll see you all on November 1st for my first update. After that, updates will come every Friday with my thoughts for the week. And if something really cool happens each week, I might share a bit of that as well, of course those won’t be scheduled. Keep reading everybody, we’re almost there!

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