Picturing Garsek

I wanted to give a brief update today, as we now have one month until NaNoWriMo (huzzah!). I’ve taken a bit of a respite from outlines and such, and focused mostly on filling in background in my head for certain pieces of the story.

As a part of that, I wanted to get some physical representations of Garsek and others of the characters that will show up in the first book. To that end, here’s a reasonable approximation of Garsek:

Alright, so it’s not a perfect representation of Garsek. HeroForge updated their software to allow for coloring your miniatures in their software, in part to aid in the painting process, and I found this the easiest way to represent Garsek at this time. Now, in reality, Garsek looks a little older, has a couple of smaller scars on his face, and a couple other smaller details like that.

Similarly, he’s not actually wearing a trench coat, but that was the closest representation I could find to the type of duster he’s probably wearing. Lastly, he’s generally a little more disheveled than this image portrays.

My updates may be a little thin in the next month as I continue to adjust and prepare things, but I will be doing one more brief character bio (and picture!) probably around the 15th of October. In the meantime, keep reading!

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